A Hatfield First Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ben and I had a pretty merry first Christmas as husband and wife. We thoroughly enjoyed our extended weekend, seeing family, being cheerful, enjoying traditions, and creating new ones as well.

One Saturday Ben and I decided to seek out adventure. I am a huge winter weather fan and snow brings me just as much joy as a child hopeful for a snow day. With snow on the brain we decided to take our adventure seeking urges to Western Maryland where snow would be found. I have to say Maryland is such a wonderful state, nicknamed “America in Miniature.” At one moment you can drive west and be in the Appalachian Mountains and in another moment drive east and be in the flat plains of the Eastern Shore.

Ben and I set out in the late morning and watched the temperature drop lower and lower the further west we drove. By Cumberland we discovered snow flurries and a light dusting, in Frostburg we became frostier and had a good inch or two of snow on the ground and by the time we reached Deep Creek we had a plentiful amount.

We were in a winter wonderland.

We stopped off at Deep Creek State park, trudged through high packs of snow due to wind drifts and made it to the lake. Frigid temperatures deterred our frozen fingers from snapping many photos but we managed to get a few anyway. After enjoying the view we decided to warm up at a local brewery. Mountain State Brewery provided us with warmth, fine craft beer selections, and wood fire pizza. We had a wonderful time!

On Sunday Ben and I basically enjoyed the warmth of our home and took part in some much appreciated r & r. We decided to revisit one of our all-time favorite shows, LOST. Thanks to Netflix we were able to get cozy on the couch and breeze through episode after episode. Last year I really introduced Ben to my Christmas spirit and decided to give him a break this year on the mass amounts of Christmas I (perhaps) shoved in his face last year. So no Dolly Parton Smoky Mountain Christmas this year, just one of the true classics: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

On Monday we partook in a Hart Family tradition. Walking the path of the Trolley Trail down to Old Ellicott City and enjoyed Christmas Eve Breakfast at the Trolley Stop. Nothing like a brisk walk to get you hungry and then a mile high pile of pancakes to induce a food comma. The afternoon was spent in amazement as we had a beautiful snow shower. A white Christmas Eve on our first married Christmas, how special! Later in the evening we stopped by two parties and enjoyed good food, good drink and great conversation.

Christmas Day arrived and like two adults without children we slept in. Well Ben slept in later than I as I eventually got out of bed to prepare Christmas morning breakfast. I made my childhood traditional holiday breakfast, egg soufflé, breakfast sausage from our local butcher, fruit salad, bagels and a new recipe for a cinnamon bun casserole was introduced. It was delicious and a new addition I plan to keep for more Christmas morning breakfasts.

Ben finally awoke and we popped the Champagne for some celebratory mimosas. After breakfast we moved onto opening our presents.

Wishes came true and surprises were great. My favorite gift of all was my very first ‘wife’ Christmas card. Once the last gift was opened the afternoon was spent watching A Christmas Story and napping in cozy pjs.

For dinner we decided to go out of the Christmas “box” and enjoy the evening as just the two of us Korean BBQ style. After a filling dinner it was over to my Aunt Jen and Uncle Rick’s house for family time and dessert. We had a wonderful day.

Christmas truly is a magical time to me and Ben has done so well adapting to my spirit of the holiday. New Year’s is approaching and a time to reflect on what a great 2012 we had; so happy and blessed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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