Kitchen Remodel

After Shot

Shortly before we moved to NYC, we decided it would be fun to remodel our kitchen but we got so caught up in life happening around us, we forgot to share (or post anything else here for two years, for that matter)! Here are a couple quick shots of the beautiful kitchen we built contrasted … [Read more…]

Nick + Susy

Back in August our friends, Nick & Susy approached us and asked us to take their engagement photos. We were honored and, of course, happy to help them out. We met up with Nick & Susy on a rainy Sunday in August in downtown Washington D.C. where we took a few shots around the mall … [Read more…]

The Beach

so it turns out that being close to the ocean isn’t really all that bad. I learned this back in July when we took a trip over to bethany beach with a good portion of amanda’s family. being a midwesterner, I never really understood the allure. sand in your…no, sand EVERYWHERE, cold water, sharks, the … [Read more…]