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Hello from Brooklyn!

As many of you know Ben and I have relocated to Brooklyn, New York. It was a tad crazy there for a minute but we have finally settled in and are adapting well to this big, new adventure.

When Ben arrived in March and I in June we were still figuring everything out. We decided it was best to fully embrace this new change and that involved listing our house for sale. Honestly neither of us expected it to be such a smooth transaction. We ended up selling fast, like contract accepted in less thanĀ 48 hours, at settlement within a month fast. Ben is really enjoying his time at Etsy and I am occasionally substitute teaching for a private school in our neighborhood.

We are of course open for visitors but in the meantime we wanted to invite you on a tour of our Brooklyn abode.

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  1. Celestia

    I love every single part of this! Your apartment is so light and airy! I hope to see it in person someday…when I’m not such a busy student:) xo love you guys xo

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