Epic Girls Night

A few weekends ago our girls night took a trip back in time. A time where the video killed the radio star, the Brat Pack ruled the world, a perm was all the rage and the clothing was neon, tight and ripped.

We took our girls night out of the 2000’s and traveled back to the 1980’s.

We hoped in Angie’s DeLorean DMC – 12 and set the dial to 1982, we were looking for adventure and whatever came our way. Kelly, Angie, Emily, Annie, Ashley and myself ended up in downtown Baltimore rocking out to Styx’s Mr. Roboto, applying one more coat of Wet n’ Wild hot pink lipstick then jumped in line at the ever elusive Ram’s Head Live nightclub. We were there to get our jam on and snag front row seats for the gnarly 1980’s hair band, The Legwarmers.

The crowd was totally btchin’, the outfits were radical, and Aqua Net was wafting in the air. I saw Annie reach into her fanny pack and hand a few bills to the bouncer. He unlatched the velvet rope and we were in. Front and center for the freshest band around.

After sippin on a few wine coolers and checking out a few bodacious dudes, the lights dimmed, the fog got heavy and the guitar riffs started. We had one righteous night.


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