October Family Fun

In the beginning of October Ben’s mom and stepdad came out to visit their favorite Maryland folk. This was their first trip back to Maryland since the wedding and their second trip in honor of their wedding anniversary. We were very excited to have them.

With the excitement buzzing Ben and I kicked our Home Remodeling plans into full gear to allow my in-laws a nice spot to rest and call their own for the long weekend. These remodeling plans will be within their own blog post but I’ll give you a condensed version for the time being. Ben and I were ready to extend our house nesting to the next level; an adult bedroom was in order. Therefore, we redid the Master Bedroom and in turn redid the Guest Bedroom. Ben has once again wowed me with his dedication to becoming even handier and I polished my fabulous decorating skills. Needless to say everything came together and we now have two amazing rooms. I tell you the more we do to the house the harder it is becoming for me to pick my favorite spot.

So with the bedroom and house “guest ready” approved I got to work on the extended weekend itinerary. I based our activities on things we all like to do, showing the in laws a few of our favorite spots, centered on autumn activities and most importantly made sure to get us outside as much as possible. Hiking, apple picking, pumpkin picking, autumn leave watching and so on were on the agenda. I had a pretty rocking list of activities to get the most out of our time together. And then just like the black plague rolled in on the medieval times, the black rain clouds rolled in on our family times. It also didn’t help that the Federal Government was still shut down and in turn prohibited us from visiting a few spots on my list. So with many museums and parks closed and the seriously heavy monsoon rain we had every day, except the last day, I had to regroup and come up with some weather permitting ideas. Thankfully my planning brain cells kicked in and I tweaked our list to adhere to the rainy weather.

One of these new planned activities was taking a quick drive up to the city of brotherly love. Maryland really is a prime location for adventures in nearby places; you can drive just a short distance and be in many other touristy spots. In Philly we decided to get our Halloween spirit kicking with a visit to the “abandoned” Eastern State Penitentiary…and of course fill our stomach with authentic Philly cheese steaks, you know since we were there and all.

Delicious food aside the Penitentiary was awesome. What is considered to be the world’s first solitary confinement penitentiary built in the early 1800’s, is now open to the public for thrilling and educational tours, as well as a distinguishing opportunity for any level of photographer to snap away. Without getting into too much history in this post, if you’re interested in discovering this decrepit time capsule you can click on this link and visit the website for an online virtual tour. Sure you won’t have the opportunity to take photos but you will get a mood setting voice to put you more into the feel of things and I have happily provided some amazing photos captured by my ever so talented husband.


P.S. In case you were wondering the provided tour voice is none other than Steve Buscemi! And if you are a sci-fi thriller movie fan you should be interested to know that parts of Twelve Monkeys were filmed at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

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