Our One Year Anniversary

Ben and I can hardly believe it but our one year wedding anniversary has gone and past. Time sure does fly. It’s amazing to think back on the past year. The fun and memories, the love and learning, the growing pains and obstacles, the camaraderie and partnership and the many many more day-to-day discoveries of commitment and love that have greeted both Ben and I in our first year.

Before diving into our amazing anniversary weekend I also want to pay homage to our b and a blog. Since we have come upon our one year anniversary that also means this little spot on the internet has come upon it’s one year anniversary as well. So far so good, I’d say. Not as many posts as there could be of course but by no means am I stressing myself out about added homework to get these things up for whomever might be reading them. It’s been a nice place to share a few stories and pictures here and there. In fact on a more personal and private opportunity I’ve taken to writing in a personal journal. Back in January one of my very dear Aunts gifted me a beautiful personal journal, a spot just for me and my thoughts. I dedicated the first year of the journal to all things marriage related. A place to truly document all the encounters Ben and I came upon. I think one day when I look back on those first year entries I will be very pleased that I captured those moments. From here on out I plan to continue writing in the personal journal and blogging here on the website. Before I know it in five years I hope to look back on both and revisit all of the noteworthy events that Ben and I shared.

Without further adieu, Ben and I celebrated our year of time passed in no other place than the Longhorn State. I can’t say I ever thought Texas would be the place I spent my first anniversary but with all the honesty in the world, I sure am happy I did. We had an absolute blast! What started as a somewhat last minute business trip for Ben turned into one of the best vacations I’ve ever experienced.

This was my second trip to San Antonio and for Ben somewhere in the half dozens. Ben flew out first on Sunday afternoon and I followed suit on Wednesday. Even if this trip didn’t turn out as spectacular as it did I really couldn’t have complained to begin with considering the cost for us was simply my plane ticket. Business trips aren’t all that bad, especially when the wife can tote around ;)

Ben ended up only working a few days, Monday – Wednesday and then we had all of Wednesday evening through the following Monday to explore and relax. We put no pressure on ourselves to do specific things on specific days at specific times. This was super nice for me seeing as I tend to stress myself with plans and getting in as much exploring as possible. I of course looked up options on things to do before flying out, places to go and food to eat but I wasn’t going to hold us accountable for doing every single thing. With all the nice attributes of San Antonio in the back of my mind, I know that in the future the likelihood of returning is good since this is the headquarters of Mr. Work-from-home’s employer. Subconsciously I think this helped with not feeling rushed to see as many things as possible. We spent our mornings sleeping in, our afternoons discovering and our evenings reminiscing over the past year and dreaming of the years to come. Our trip was a second Honeymoon without a doubt.

Breakfast in bed at the Valencia (We highly recommend this hotel if ever in the area).

Anniversary flowers waiting for me at the hotel (Ben did his best to match my wedding bouquet).

As the paper gift for the one year anniversary Ben displayed all our wedding photos around the hotel room.

More wedding photos sprawled about.

We spent a day in Austin and stopped at Zilker Park where they had a neat little natural history reserve with a small zoo, interactive paleontologist excavating park and more.

This little Blue Jay at the reserve quickly became my friend, singing along to my whistles.

A lunch date at Torchy’s Tacos in Austin – Home of the delicious food truck.

My handsome husband.

Tweety Tacos.

My “Ben are you really taking my photo right now?” look.

B + A signature selfie.

A friendly Austin local snapped this one.

6th Street in Austin was so much fun – Happy Hour beers and live music.

At dusk in Austin we stood on the Congress Avenue bridge to see all the bats fly out from underneath for their morning feast.

Dark clouds of bats.

Keep Austin Batty.

Lunch at Rudy’s – dubbed The World’s Worst BBQ.

More like the BEST BBQ

An afternoon of canoeing on the Guadalupe River near San Antonio

Ben telling me there was a big Texas sized spider behind me – Not funny, Ben!

The Guadalupe River

Tree roots along the river.

My handsome canoeing husband.

Relaxing on the river.

It was a beautiful day.

Heading down river.

Enjoying the Texas sky.

Walking the streets of downtown San Antonio.

Dinner and craft cocktails at the Esquire in San Antonio.

The Esquire – if only one reason to ever visit San Antonio (never will there ever be just one reason because it’s all too good) this is now that reason.

Sweet treats.

One of what used to be the many vintage neon signs around downtown.

An anniversary photo shoot on our balcony overlooking the courtyard at the Valencia.

Dressed up and looking forward to my very first anniversary dinner at an authentic Texas Steak House (Outback just doesn’t cut it anymore).

Anniversary kisses.

Love this man

Back home in Maryland sticking with the tradition of eating leftover wedding cake and in our case pie as well (don’t worry, the purple spots of the pie are not mold, just left over gel icing from the B + A).

And finally, creating a tradition – Ben proposed over a bottle of sparkling Cava, we had another bottle on our sweet heart table at the wedding and now a must for all anniversaries, I’ve been keeping all the corks as well.


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