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We are thrilled to finally share a glimpse into our wedding photos with all of you today. Today marks two months since the wedding; and since the 1st of the month always seems to have meaning for the two of us (First date February 1st 2011, Proposal date July 1st 2011, Wedding date September 1st 2012) we thought it would be even more fitting to do that today. Before we share our photos I wanted to share a short account of the day so you can experience the perspective from the Bride and Groom. We do hope you enjoy…

Our morning was more on the unconventional side of a wedding, but we’re also pretty unconventional! We got to spend a brief bit of alone time with each other in the morning before the activities of the day were…less permitting. For the two of us this was a magical time, a moment of calm and true admiration for each other. We shared breakfast and took a drive along the scenic roads of Maryland and Pennsylvania while tidying up a few last errands for the day.

Once our errands were done we headed towards the mill to meet our family and finish the final touches at the venue. At this point, seeing the mill all done up and ready was a pretty exciting moment.  Amanda worked extremely hard on the wedding and to finally see it right there in front of me was staggering.  I was really proud of Amanda and what she had accomplished with her vision, I know she worked so hard.

After taking it all in for a brief moment, it was back to getting ready.  We had to get back to the hotel so Amanda could finish the rest of her readiness checklist which involved hair, wardrobe, alcohol, and I think there was some dancing for good measure.

I had a much more relaxed afternoon.  It was quiet, mostly sitting around with my step father Bob and Amanda’s cousin Nathan.  I also had a “soothe my nerves” shot of blueberry ‘shine. I wasn’t nervous in the first place, but who am I to say no?

I’ve often heard of, guys especially, being nervous, unsure, etc.  I was calm, relaxed, and just soaking it all in.  I’m only getting married once in my life.  I wanted to really experience the day and when I got a second, I just took it all in.

After our morning of prep and our afternoon of beauty we made our ways back to the mill where Amanda and I were meeting our photographer for our “sneak peek.” We decided in order to enjoy the most of our day and our reception in particular, we wanted to take the majority of our photos before the actual wedding. This worked best for us, we were fresh, the weather although hot was more fitting and we had way more time to party it up during the reception.

Up to this point in the day I hadn’t seen Amanda since the morning. I wasn’t sure what her hair looked like, I wasn’t sure what her dress looked like, I had no real idea of how she looked.

Leading up to our first look there was a sense of nervous excitement in my stomach as I stood out in the field facing away from Amanda and having our photographer choreograph her steps toward me.

Closer and closer I could hear Amanda coming up behind me in the grass as I’m being told “not yet, not yet…”  I was excited, I wanted to turn around and see. At the same time when I did turn, I wanted to savor the moment to take it all in.

Finally, I was given the order and I started my turn towards Amanda. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her, she looked stunning.  The combination of her hair, her makeup, and her dress was perfect. I could feel my eyes swell a bit, but I had to restrain myself, I was about to have photos taken of me for the next eight or so hours and couldn’t afford to have puffy eyes!

After our moment together being photographed for our first look, we moved on to all our remaining photos and then we were ready and waiting for our guests to arrive. At this point a little bit of chaos arose but fortunately was quickly extinguished. In two separate conversations Amanda’s MOH Lauren and my Best Man Matt came up to us individually and inquired about our rain plan. I believe Amanda and I both had a moment of “um what rain? There is no rain in the forecast.”

Lauren actually took Amanda outside to assure her that, yes, unfortunately rain was now in the forecast. Lauren then not only assured her all would be ok, she also got her situated with a mason jar full of our signature cocktail and a chair to relax in.

Once Matt informed me of the rain I immediately went into action.  I had to find Amanda.  To my pleasant surprise, she was privy to the news and she was in amazingly great spirits considering.  Upon prying, I learned she did in fact already have the better part of a cocktail down…after not eating anything all day while being under slept, Amanda was in high spirits. Thank you Lauren!

Once I checked in on my Bride I began discussing options with Mike (Amanda’s dad), Bob (my step-father), and Tom (our caterer). The rain plan would be to wait it out all while prepping for a ceremony in the Tannery. Quickly our friends and family went into action and began dismembering the ceremony site to prevent anything from getting wet. People had to sit in these chairs for dinner, after all.

While regrouping, Amanda and I both witnessed Bob and Mike with their eyes glued on Bob’s iPhone. Along with all their other functions of the day they both stepped into the role of meteorologist. They felt confident that if we waited about 15 minutes the crazy out of nowhere thunder storm would pass us by.

Amanda had already prepared her plans for a ceremony inside. The only disheartening side effect was the fact the ceremony doors brought in special from her Grandmother’s house, that her father worked so hard to build, would not be able to be used.

Low and behold 6:15ish arrives and the rain stops! A mad dash is made over to the ceremony site with a few chairs grabbed for those who needed to sit.

Standing up at the ceremony ready to get married was interesting.  I’ve never been tremendously fond of being the center of attention.  However, I felt relatively calm. I was still just as relaxed as I was earlier, but I had eyes on me.  Fortunately they were mostly looking around to find Amanda, the one that was really worth watching.

On their way up from the tannery to the ceremony site, Amanda and Mike walked across the bridge and through the large doors setup as a doorway to present her to guests and walk her up the aisle.

Some may know and some may not, but while I was calmly waiting at the altar, something happened behind those closed doors that few witnessed and even fewer probably heard about. Amanda got stuck on the bridge.  While walking on the bridge with her father, her heel got stuck in one of the slots between the wooden panels the bridge was constructed of.  Thinking she was either having cold feet or joking around, her pleas to her father “I’m stuck, I can’t move” were met with disbelief.  It took a moment before Mike checked and saw that her heel indeed was stuck in the bridge not allowing her to move further.  He quickly pulled the heel out and they continued through the doors, Amanda’s frantic entrance was met with my calm demeanor and all was right in the world.

As I watched her walk up the aisle with Mike, I got more and more excited.  She was getting closer and closer and after that, it was finally here.  The reason we brought everyone together to celebrate was here.  It was time.

Amanda and I committed ourselves to one another. We tied the “wet” knot (harder to untie than a dry knot), presented her hope chest filled with wishes and dreams for our future and recited our vows. We became husband and wife in front of our family and friends.

After the ceremony we were ready to kick back and enjoy our first evening as a married couple. We started right in with our receiving line signature cocktail hand out, moved onto important dances, photo booth fun, dinner, cake, pie, sparklers and s’mores. We had an amazing evening and everything was as envisioned.

We hope you enjoyed your evening as well and we thank you so much for making our day as memorable as ever.

Now what you have all been waiting for…our wedding photos.

*this post doesn’t contain all of our photos, we’ll eventually create a facebook album.


All photos Copyright StaceyLee Photography.


  1. Darlene

    Great pictures! Looks like the perfect wedding…full of smiles and laughter – the way a celebration of love should be. xo Great job!

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